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8 Common Mistakes Biker Men Should Avoid On Biker Dating Sites

8 Common Mistakes Biker Men Should Avoid On Biker Dating Sites

Have you been unsuccessful in trying to connect with single biker women on dating websites? Wondering why, even when you've followed every guide on how to date a biker and applied different strategies on dating a biker girl? Well, what you're probably missing is finding out what you're actually doing wrong! Here are the top 8 things every motorcycle rider should know, and the very same mistakes to avoid if you want to finally get a nice date:

Mistake #1 - No Profile Picture

Some biker dating websites require members to upload a photo, while some do not. Having one of your own serves you quite well, for it garners more attention from the lovely biker ladies especially those with you on your own ride. Keep in mind that first impressions last, so you'll want to make it your most recent, coolest, and clearest high-quality picture.

Mistake #2 - Quick Winks

Using the free winks or "show interest" is a very easy way to express yourself as it can be easily ignored. All the girls know you can send it to almost every girl you meet on the website, and it can make them feel otherwise as it becomes a meaningless act for them. Besides, the good-looking girls get a vast number of winks and yours can simply be a tiny, insignificant speck.

Mistake #3 - Boring Subject

If you do plunge into sending your chosen biker woman a message, make sure to give it an interesting subject. Popular biker girls most likely have an inbox brimming with dozens of messages, and she wouldn't bother checking the typical message with questions she wouldn't want to waste her time on answering. Figure out a catchy heading she would take notice of and a nice style to present yourself as a biker guy worthy of her attention.

Mistake #4 - Lame Message

Now you got her eyes on you with a subject that captured your potential biker girl's interest. Don't let the chance slip away with a lame message! Work on expressing yourself without confusing her with your words. Keep communication as clear as you can, since it's entirely different reading text than hearing it in person. Find a way to make her feel special and important upon reading your message that's based on what you learned about her when you stumbled on her profile.

Mistake #5 - Uncertainty

These girls on the biker dating sites most probably learned about some things on how to date motorcycle man. They will feel if you are not sure of yourself and by instinct, could even tell if you're sending the same messages to just about every other biker lady. Know what you want and what exactly it is you're looking for. Search for the right biker girl on the website. Match your interests by reading the profiles of motorcycle women you come across, and not just by their popularity or looks.

Mistake #6 - Rushing or Scaring Away

Getting a response is really exciting! You're eager to know more about her and your first instinct would be to get her phone number, email address, ask where she works or even where she lives. Don't. If you do, it's a surefire way to kill the communication and the possibility of a beautiful relationship. It's too soon to ask for any personal information at this point.

Mistake #7 - Delayed Response

Alright, you've got to think your words carefully to avoid appearing in a rush or pushing your new motorcycle girl away. However, don't overthink it and take too long to respond. She will only get impatient and get on with other messages she also may have been interested with. Send your message back only a few moments after you get her reply, and you might soon be exchanging messages looking forward to one after the next.

Mistake #8 - Falling Into A Trap

Whichever social dating site you get on, stay alert and be aware that scammers can sometimes be inevitable. Don't be overwhelmed with a gorgeous biker lady or her enticing words, meant to be a trap and eventually get away with your credit card number or cash. When looking into dating a biker girl, take your time and steer clear of these common mistakes, and you're definitely bound to taste sweet success upon finding the perfect date! 

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Where Do Biker Singles Meet? - Best Places

Where Do Biker Singles Meet? - Best Places

People who are passionate about motorcycles always find it hard to connect with other fellows who have similar interests. In almost all parts of the world especially the United States, this group is made up of few individuals, which adds to the difficulty of connecting and interact. The problem has been addressed by creating several places where these people can freely connect. Luckily, the introduction of dating sites for bikers has successfully solved the problem to a great extent. Today, it has become easy to reach out to other biker singles in any part of the world. All you need to do is choose a biker dating site of your own, create a profile and add a few pictures. Doing this enables you or anyone else across the world with interests similar to yours to find you.

Besides, there are many places to connect with people who are passionate about motorcycles. Take a look at some of them: 

l Biker Clubs and Cafe
It is the most growing concept in almost all part of United States. They are only established to connect motorcycle enthusiasts. Besides great foods and drinks, biker clubs and cafes have goodies and accessories for sale. They also have the best environment for bikers to discuss their interest and experience in riding. Additionally, they are the finest places to learn best production models in the market. 
l Events Exclusive to Bikers
Biker men and women like competing as they show off their machines. They feel better when their bikes cannot compete with the rest. Besides, they find it more interesting to participate in such events and interact with people that have the same interests as them. The events create a hunting ground for anyone looking for a potential partner. Make an appointment of visiting the venues and you are certain to find more sensational motorcycle fanatics. 
l Dating Sites
 Biker Dating Sites have proved to be the most cost effective solution for any motorcycle enthusiast who is looking forward to connecting with other people of their kind. Here, you get a chance to interact with biker men and biker women in your area and across the world. These online dating platforms have played a significant role in changing the way people dated. In the present world, real world dates at restaurants are usually the last stages of the pre-dating process. It is now becoming unnecessary to exchange contact information with others due to the accessibility of feature like emailing and video chatting. A good example of a dating site is The site has become the best biker kiss dating platform for both bike fanatics and those who love riding. Moreover, for you to join the site, you ought to have a motorcycle.
The above methods have proved to be useful for any new and potential biker enthusiasts. Feel free to choose any medium and you will easily connect to other biker men and women of your choice. Irrespective of the method you pick to interact with biker singles, it is significant to bear in mind that what matters is your approach at the end of the day. With a flawed method, you are unlikely to succeed. Maintain a positive attitude anytime you connect with other motorcycle enthusiasts, and you will definitely enjoy motorcycle dating.

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Explore The Whole Country On Your Motorcycle

Explore The Whole Country On Your Motorcycle

Consider planning a two-week motorcycle trip with either your friends or your best biker girl and make it one of the best memories that you will ever have in your entire life. There are many different ways that you can plan the trip, from taking the smallest roads through the smallest-sized beautiful towns, camping out through most of the trip, and seeing the entire country through a completely different angle. The most amazing part of the entire trip won't be the places that you ride to - it'll be the sheer sense of freedom that you experience.

Getting a Bike
We all know that bikers are the most comfortable whenever they are on their motorcycles. However, the particular bikes that they own may not actually be suitable for traveling long distances. This means that you may want to rent one from a motorcycle company. If you are thinking about taking open highways, you may want to invest in a cruiser, while nimbler sportsbikes are best for roads that are more twisty. Regardless of the bike that you choose to rent, you will need to let the rental company know about your skill level, as well as where you're planning to travel to, because any motorcycle that you can't actually handle is one that will truly hinder your plans.

What to Pack
The one thing to remember is that your luggage should be kept to a minimum. Bikes can carry as much as you can imagine; however, keep in mind that you will need to pack and unpack everything every day as well. This means that you should only bring anything and everything that is absolutely necessary for your trip, such as the following:

*Warm clothing
*Rain gear
*Ear plug
*Cell phone/charger
*Extra socks
*Basic camping gear

Staying Somewhere for the Night
Camping is the most popular option for bikers, as it provides more flexibility for their schedules and budget. You will be able to find many great camping sites along different routes for little to no cost. If you have your special biker girl joining you, camping can be perhaps even the most romantic option to take advantage of. However, if camping isn't your thing, there are plenty of motels that are located along some of the most well-known motorcycle routes.

Tips for a Great Trip

The main thing to remember is to always maintain a positive attitude, even if something happens to go wrong. No matter what, always do your best to keep yourself rested, fed, warm, and fueled up. Perhaps more importantly, never try to ride anywhere beyond your skill level. Furthermore, establish some sort of a game plan with whoever your traveling with regarding what to do in the event that you get separated, such as setting up a specific meeting place on your map. Also, try not to ride too fast just in case any slower riders end up falling too far behind you. Finally, if your biker girl is riding along with you, always ride with her all the time. Think of it as a date! 

Experienced Motorcycle Riders

Experienced Motorcycle Riders

There are many benefits to being an experienced motorcycle rider. Safe driving skills and learning how to react to dangerous situations is a very good skill to have. It is also important to know how to ride with safety in mind. Not only will you be able to enjoy the open road , you are more likely to date a girl that is into the biker way of life. Some women want to learn how to ride and find a man on a Harley that will help her build up her skills. A woman may have a Harley of her own and is looking for a man to come and ride beside her. Being experienced can be beneficial to all bikers. There are some tips on how to become an expert motorcycle rider.


 Many bikers have an outgoing personality. They like to talk and are very social with the people that they meet. Once a biker is ready to read he is serious and quiet. a biker cannot get upset or excited when riding. This can lead to a mistake being made. A small mistake can do a lot of damage at a fast speed. When riding it is essential to stay calm. Experienced bikers will not do tricks or put on a show for others. They like their riding experience speak for itself.

 Think Quickly

 A rider will know how to get through a lot of information without seconds to avoid mistakes. They need to take in all the information around them within a matte of seconds. A biker also has to be able to do multiple things at one time. The biker has to be able to keep his eye on the road, scan the road, check the intersections, and watch the behaviors of other drivers. This will help prevent injury to himself and his biker chick. Be alert and thinking quickly are essential skills to have when riding.


 Riding for years will teach a biker how to prepare for things quickly and react the unexpected. A quick reaction time will become almost second nature to the bikers. They will know what to do and when to do it. When things happen suddenly an experienced rider will know what to do without having to think about it. The skills are already in his mind which will prevent him from getting nervous of falling. This will also prevent accidents from happening. This skills will build up over time and as a person gets more comfortable on their bike.


 An experienced rider are often most modest then those that have just started riding. This is one reason why single biker women are attracted to them. They know when to keep their mouth shut and do not brag about their riding skills. Those that are over anxious may pass a car at a bad time, go through a red light, and perform a number of tricks while on the bike. These are some of the most dangerous things that a biker can do and will have serious consequences. 

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CycleFish Motorcycle Social Network Review

CycleFish Motorcycle Social Network Review

Lots of people who are looking for dating sites are not solely looking for a romantic partner. Many people are interested in meeting new friends. When it comes to biker dating websites, a lot of people are just interested in finding other people who share their most enthusiastic interests. Finding a motorcycle social network is just as important to these people as finding a biker dating website, although both of these might be important to them. The CycleFish Motorcycle Social Network can manage to fulfill both requirements for a lot of people.

As almost any CycleFish Motorcycle Social Network Review will demonstrate, this is one of the best resources that people who are in the motorcycle community could ever use. People who are in the motorcycle community usually can't enjoy their hobby each and every weekend, or if they can, it is still something that they can only do on the weekends. Having a lot of scheduled events is going to be very important for them. The motorcycle events calendar for the CycleFish Motorcycle Social Network is very extensive.

People can expect about one thousand different social events in a given year when they're part of the CycleFish Motorcycle Social Network, including a bunch of different rallies where they will have the opportunity to meet thousands of different motorcycle enthusiasts all around the world. Many people are able to make friends for life just at a lot of these rallies. Other people will meet the individuals that they already bonded with on social network biker forums in person, which makes a big difference for a lot of people. Even today, lots of people still draw a distinction between the friends that they've met on the Internet and only interacted with on the Internet and the friends that they've met in person. The CycleFish Motorcycle Social Network can allow people to finally bridge the gap.

For some people, a lot of these events might prove to be educational as well as entertaining and social. People can learn all sorts of different service tips at the rallies and events of the CycleFish Motorcycle Social Network. By the end of a given year there, people are going to feel as if they are experts on their bikes, even if they didn't necessarily feel that way before in spite of being interested in motorcycles for years.

Sharing multi-media related to motorcycle riding is easier than ever before today, and a lot of people are going to share motorcycle videos, pictures, posts on the forums of the CycleFish Motorcycle Social Network. However, there's usually going to be even more material released at the rallies and the events, so people can go there in order to enjoy some really new material while they're meeting new people.

Meeting people is difficult for anyone who is out of school, especially for people who don't really get a long with their coworkers. Meeting people who share your interests is even more difficult, especially for individuals who have a limited potential social circle. There are lots of people in the motorcycling community, but they don't all necessarily live in the same area. Certain parts of the United States and other parts of the world are more conducive to motorcycle riding than others. Some people actively need to travel in order to full enjoy their hobby.

Some people are going to need to travel in order to get to the events of the CycleFish Motorcycle Social Network, but they do try to accommodate the individuals who live far away. The events are also not all going to be held in the same place. As people start to make friends, it should be that much easier for them to arrange for transportation and to get people to bring them to the events personally. It's easier and easier for people to make friends that will last for years if they have long-term commitments with one another, allowing them to plan for the next CycleFish Motorcycle Social Network events and rallies. This is a social network that can bring people together in the first place and that can keep people together in the long run, which is all that people could want out of a dating website or a social networking website. 

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Tips to Dating If You are Over 50

People who are over 50 often find dilemmas in entering the dating world, again. Society often asserts that the ideal time, for people of that age, to date has come and gone. Many older generation may buy into that way of thinking. However, there is an inner teenager who still believes that finding love is possible. Deep down, we believe that it is never too late. The timeless part of us still thrills at the thought of new romantic possibilities.

Congratulations! If you are still reading this, is have the inner you has won out. Singles who are 50+ can successfully navigate the new dating world. Here are four tips to help you avoid common pitfalls:

(Don't) Act Your Age

After spending the better part of your life being responsible and taking care of other may be hard for you to remember the first cardinal rule of dating, is having fun! Many things may have changed about dating but one thing will always remain true and that is the best dates are the ones which make you laugh and even act silly. This lightheartedness breaks down walls and brings a closeness to the couple, who are getting to know each other.

Be Present

If you are 50+ and dating again, you most likely have been many good and bad times in your life. Some of these times have involved positive and negative dating experiences. You can't drag your baggage from other relationships into a new adventure. Deal with your past until you can fit it into just a carry-on and start fresh. Be present with this romance; don't make comparisons and expectations. Just enjoy each new moment.

Be Sensitive

Dating is a time for two people to get acquainted but it is not the time for you to tell someone all of your relationship horror stories or how much your daughter wants you to get remarried. Don't impose these issues on a new friend. Talk about yourself...your likes and hobbies. Find out about the other person...but don't have any extra people figuratively on your date with you.

So, don't hesitate! Dating when you are over 50 can be fun, exciting and fulfilling. Don't believe stereotypes and don't overthink it. Just go...enjoy and who knows? You may STILL find true love! 

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Biker Planet Dating Review

Biker Planet Dating Review


There is no debating that when one want to meet the ideal partner, finding a top quality online platform that can cater for all your needs can be relieving and convenient. For this reason, bikerplanet seeks to provide an exemplary platform upon which people who share biking hobbies can interact. The website allows a prospective biking enthusiasts to sign up for free and peruse various user profiles that are posted. Furthermore, the site also provides users with a diversity of biking cultures by allowing people from many countries to join and interact.


Excellent web design- the site features an organized and contemporary website design interface that is simple for users to navigate. All the icons and functionalities are organized, and a user can easily gain access with a click of a button. The biker planet homepage features the fresh new profiles of biker singles that are searching for people who share the same hobbies and opinions as them. Users will also appreciate the site does not have suspicious links and ads that can disrupt site navigation.
Convenient social functionalities - perhaps the single most beneficial aspect of is that constitutes useful social features such as the unique age search functionality that allow users to customize the search process to fit their needs. What’s more, is that the profiles of the users contain useful profile information such the requirements that the users are searching for in their ideal partner. More so, those who register at the website can search for other bikers based on state categories Users are also able to confirm who is online, send flirts, send messages and view other the photos of other registered members.
Free sign up- whereas conventional dating sites require that you pay an excessive amount before accessing any services, biker planet dating only requires that you fill in some relevant personal details along with your emails, and you instantly gain access to the website. Once you complete the sign-up procedure, you can view all the profiles on the page and post yours as well such other members are able to find you with ease. However to access all of the many functionalities on the website, you are required to procure a membership package that suits your needs.
Site help and FAQ- the developers of biker dating are also benevolent enough to include a site help and FAQ where users can acquire additional insight into the repertoire of services availed at the website. If any of your concerns are not mentioned in the FAQ, you can also contact the website administrators by hitting the contact us tab. For instance, you can find out how to manage your passwords and emails at by clicking on the FAQ section.


Finally yet importantly, is a worthwhile endeavor for bikers who want to meet the ideal partner who shares similar values and hobbies. It Is a credible site that has free sign up and affordable membership packages to suit any users needs. Furthermore, the organized web design makes it convenient for any users to navigate the functionalities. is best online biker dating sites to date the local bikers. the harley dating is most needed harley passion.
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