Saturday, July 25, 2015


Love is a beautiful thing, when you find love, you have found perfect fulfillment. Too sad that love can be hindered by many factors which includes STDs, physical disabilities, and mental disorders among others. Everyone one is entitled to experience the power of love. Dating in this kind of challenges can disrupt you totally but absolutely not. You can actually date and have fun in it despite the Herpes Dating condition.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that can get anyone who is sexually active. Most people with genital herpes do not know they have it. That is because in most people it produces either no symptoms or very mild ones. There are two types of herpes cold sores and genitalia herpes. Yes, at least you are having a clue on why it can be annoying dating in this condition! Cold sores are common gotten due to stress, the sores can be annoying! You can’t kiss your date they appear all over your mouth.

The other set of the herpes is genital herpes; they considered to be emotional damaging. They can occur on private parts (sores around the vagina and penis), legs and even the lower back. They are highly contagious it is emotional devastating especially among women. Life must go on since it is full of many surprises!

I think it is the biggest decision of dating someone with herpes, it shows that you are courageous and considerate. Well good news is…..herpes are treatable! Here are the best tips and advice on how to date a person with herpes. You can either be dating or before:

1. Get tested
The greatest challenge is disclosing your herpes condition. You have found that new date, consider having a test on the herpes. May be you could have contacted from the previous relations. According to statics 70% people do not know that they have herpes. You can have herpes blood test. Testing not only helps to know but also keep, you worry free and enjoys the sexual intimacy! Sounds great does it!
2. Support and encouragement
Anything can happen, if you find your partner is positive give them full support and encouragement. You can still enjoy your dating with Herpes. Listen with them positively. When you disclose that, you have herpes it gives your date a sense of character of caring, considerate and positive. Help build this character in the herpes dating site.
3. Decision making
After know that you have given your support and encouragement, you need courage to keep on dating someone with herpes. They say’ love conquers all believes in all”. Take that bold decision to love and believe in it. However, major decision should lie, what is the purpose of dating that person is it long-term or short term? Finding that you are not in the position to keep on the herpes dating sites, you can take the tough decision and walk away, its best: it is not worth contracting the virus for a quick fling or just to get "laid".
4. Education
When you decide to go on herpes dating Websites, educate yourself fully on the herpes. I believe most herpesdating sites gives you much insightful information on herpes. You can also Google search and get informed. Quick note, herpes dating is more less the same with dating someone a cold, its a little skin condition!
5. Medication
It is medicine time! Remind your partner to take the suppressive medication. It reduces chances of transmission. Give the moral support and takes things slowly and lovingly. You can still enjoy your sexual intimacy by following the below preventative measures:
• Abstinence from sex
• Use condoms
• Be faithful to your partner

6. Social and emotional growth
Now that you have decided to have to go on with herpes dating. Your life is not over it’s just a change. Keep growing socially, do things that make you happy. Happiness begins with you, in this; you can attract other people who will love you uncontrollably.

You can consider to have the herpes dating site to give you the information. Consider all the risks that you can get involved on herpes dating before popping out that big decision on dating. Every action has a consequence, choose right and have the cupid power on your soul, mind and body. It is that amazing and fun!