Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dating Tips With Herpes

Love is a beautiful thing for sure. Te modern times, love has challenges with the STDs infections. Some years past contracting the STDS would e having the worst of all diseases and becoming an outcast in the society leave alone getting a lover was unheard off. With time, people with herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases and becoming an outcast in the society leave alone getting a lover was unheard of. With time, the people with herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases having become larger in number, not by choice. Some actually get it by mistake but since science has enabled it possible to live a normal live although with such STDs. Now live full life full of love, in a perfect relationship as been made possible for people living with herpes.

Understanding herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that can get anyone who is sexually active. Well the good news is that herpes are treatable! However, in cases of dating you will not miss a partner. Here are some of the best tips and advice on how to date a person with herpes. You can either be dating or before:

The greatest challenge is disclosing your herpes condition. You have found that new date, consider a test on herpes. May be you could have contracted from the previous relationship. According to the statistics 70%, people do not know but also keep; you worry free and enjoy the sexual intimacy!

Support and encouragement
Anything can happen, if you find your partner is positive give the full support and encouragement. You can still enjoy your dating with herpes. Listen with them positively. When you disclose that you have herpes, it gives your date a sense of character or caring, considerate and positive. Help build this character in the herpes dating

They say ‘love conquers all believers in all’. Take that bold decision to love and believe in it. However, major decision should lie, what is the purpose of dating that person is it long term or short term? Finding that you are not in the position to keep on the herpes dating, you can take the tough decision and walk away. It is best and not worth contracting the virus for a quick fling or just to get “laid”

Knowledge is power! Most herpes dating sites gives you much insightful information on herpes; education yourself with knowledge with wide knowledge on herpes

It is medicine time! Remind your partner to take the prescribed medication. It reduces chances of transmission. Give the moral support and take things slowly and lovingly. You can still enjoy your sexual intimacy by following the below preventative measures:

_Use condoms
_Be faithful to your partner

Social and emotional growth
Now that you have decided to go on with herpes dating. Your life is not over it’s just a change. Keep growing socially do things that makes you happy. Happiness begins with you in this; you can attract other people who will love you uncontrollably

Every action has a consequence, choose right and have the cupid power on your soul mind and body.


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