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Explore The Whole Country On Your Motorcycle

Consider planning a two-week motorcycle trip with either your friends or your bestbiker girl and make it one of the best memories that you will ever have in your entire life. There are many different ways that you can plan the trip, from taking the smallest roads through the smallest-sized beautiful towns, camping out through most of the trip, and seeing the entire country through a completely different angle. The most amazing part of the entire trip won't be the places that you ride to - it'll be the sheer sense of freedom that you experience.

Getting a Bike
We all know that bikers are the most comfortable whenever they are on their motorcycles. However, the particular bikes that they own may not actually be suitable for traveling long distances. This means that you may want to rent one from a motorcycle company. If you are thinking about taking open highways, you may want to invest in a cruiser, while nimbler sportsbikes are best for roads that are more twisty. Regardless of the bike that you choose to rent, you will need to let the rental company know about your skill level, as well as where you're planning to travel to, because any motorcycle that you can't actually handle is one that will truly hinder your plans.

What to Pack
The one thing to remember is that your luggage should be kept to a minimum. Bikes can carry as much as you can imagine; however, keep in mind that you will need to pack and unpack everything every day as well. This means that you should only bring anything and everything that is absolutely necessary for your trip, such as the following:

*Warm clothing
*Rain gear
*Ear plug
*Cell phone/charger
*Extra socks
*Basic camping gear

Staying Somewhere for the Night
Camping is the most popular option for bikers, as it provides more flexibility for their schedules and budget. You will be able to find many great camping sites along different routes for little to no cost. If you have your special biker girl joining you, camping can be perhaps even the most romantic option to take advantage of. However, if camping isn't your thing, there are plenty of motels that are located along some of the most well-known motorcycle routes.

Tips for a Great Trip

The main thing to remember is to always maintain a positive attitude, even if something happens to go wrong. No matter what, always do your best to keep yourself rested, fed, warm, and fueled up. Perhaps more importantly, never try to ride anywhere beyond your skill level. Furthermore, establish some sort of a game plan with whoever your traveling with regarding what to do in the event that you get separated, such as setting up a specific meeting place on your map. Also, try not to ride too fast just in case any slower riders end up falling too far behind you. Finally, if your biker girl is riding along with you, always ride with her all the time. Think of it as a date! 


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